Surprising Study: Golf Improves Mental & Physical Health

Nov 8, 2016 | Golf

Huffington Post reports on a study in an article entitled, “Playing Golf Improves Mental Health And Increases Life Expectancy, Study Finds”. But wait! Isn’t golf the sport for lazy people who would rather drive a golf cart than run up and down a basketball court?

Put That in Your Fitbit and Count It

The researchers think that it is the exercise one gets while playing golf that largely contribute to a person’s health. Let’s look at some key findings:

  • Golfers walking the entire course could log anywhere from 4 to 8 miles.
  • Even golfers opting for golf carts averaged about 4 miles.
  • Golfers burn a minimum of 500 calories over an 18-hole course.

All you golf-haters in Flagstaff can pick your jaw up off the floor. I’ll wait.

The Benefits

Listing the benefits that the study claims is almost like listing the benefits of magic cure-all pills. From improving heart, artery, and lung health, to preventing and treating over forty chronic diseases, the findings are intriguing.

One might expect the hospitals of the future to come with 18-hole golf courses.

For more, click here to read the original article.

But I Still Don’t Like Golf

Still not convinced to run out to a golf shop and buy some clubs? We won’t judge.

The thing is, golf and fitness can still be related even if you don’t actually play. How, you ask?

If you look at the “Amenities” section of the great golf club comparison we did on, you will see what we mean. Take, for example, the fact that every single one of the four Flagstaff golf clubs have a fitness center.

But that’s just the most obvious part. All of the country clubs have facilities for more than one non-golf sport, all but Continental Country Club has trails for hiking or biking, and all have lap pools. Apparently, the golf life is not just about golf.

Are you feeling like you’ve got to have that Flagstaff golf property, yet? Want one, but not sure where to start looking? Overwhelmed by the choices?

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